Why, how & What

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We believe that food should be a ritual of care, love + positivity for both us and our planet. Food is meant to fuel, and even inspire, our bodies, our minds + our goals. We believe in honoring our bodies by the creation of healthy habits & avoiding the feeling of restriction or deprivation.


We are able to accomplish this by providing meal plans that are as unique as you are. Our meals can be altered to exclude any food allergy, sensitivity or personal preferences.


Organic ingredients has been scientifically backed to be superior to conventional for both us & the planet.

Portion controlled meals means little to no food waste.

Small-batch cooking means no leftover food or ingredients. Our optional reusable glass containers & bags means no single-use containers.


Add all this together and it equals a ZERO-WASTE eating experience.


This is the time to improve our decisions, our habits & the impact they have.


Organic Fuel L.A. is a choice you can feel good about.